Kuwaiti initiative has taught thousands of girls (pay two dinars and earn two homes)

الخميس، 6 سبتمبر 2018

Kuwaiti initiative has taught thousands of girls (pay two dinars and earn two homes)

The story began when Sumaya Al-Maimani wrote an article in her Kuwaiti magazine in 2007 in which she asked what would happen if each of her colleagues donated two dinars (about US $ 6.6) a month to fight illiteracy. She did not expect the answer to be the opening of 13 schools during a decade
All she wanted was a toxicity in the article to express what she was thinking about, but today she returns with a team of volunteers from Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, having laid the foundation stone for School No. 13 to be built thanks to that initiative, which was conceived more than 10 years ago

Despite the great popularity enjoyed by the articles of toxicity and positive expressed by colleagues after reading but did not deal with her idea seriously until two years ago when she offered to a charity and agreed to adopt it began to work seriously to achieve what she was thinking
It is worth mentioning that Sumaya is now in her thirties and has graduated from the university and from the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies so she chose to present her idea to an Islamic charity in Kuwait known as "independent and unbalanced." But persuading them was not easy

Sumaya explained that at that time, charities were seeking the support of wealthy businessmen and businessmen, especially because of the absence of young people in the associations at the time. So Sumaya focused on her new idea, which suggested a new source of fundraising: getting small amounts of money from young students
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