Controversy as a result of colloquial language textbooks

الجمعة، 7 سبتمبر 2018

Controversy as a result of colloquial language textbooks

With the beginning of the new school year, the inclusion of the vernacular in the educational curricula in Morocco in a wave of criticism of the broad as the mogulun circulated pages said that it is a textbook to teach the Arabic language included words in the Moroccan language, including the names of some food and clothing
According to Moroccan newspapers, the Moroccan Ministry of Education confirmed the validity of the social networking sites, pointing out that these amendments are dictated by the educational directives for basic education

The ministry added that the words in colloquial language are limited and that the aim is to simplify the lesson for the student and end the break in the student between his dialect and the language to be learned, and this move affected the debate between advocates of the use of slang in educational decisions and rejecting them

For their part, opponents of the move to include slang in the school curriculum as serious and considered it a resolution aimed at pleasing the Francophone lobby in the country to strengthen the status of the French language at the expense of Arabic, while the advocates of the move that it will facilitate the child's understanding
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